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Aion The Ideal Santorini Wedding Venue

Aion Santorini Wedding Venue is a new Santorini Venue made for elegant private events such as Wedding Elopments and Private Dinners. This Santorini Private Dinner Venue is like no other!

Aion Santorini Wedding Venue provides high quality for Santorini Weddings & Santorini Proposals

Aion Santorini Venue

Along with your wedding & proposal planner we will work tirelessly to make sure your Santorini Wedding Venue will be perfect for you and your significant other!

Aion Santorini Wedding Venue is the one for you, We’ll be by your side and make any adjustments that we can to make sure that the Aion Santorini Venue will be as magical as we promise.

Being in an other country is already adventurous enough, You need someone to count on for your Santorini Venue & Santorini Proposal Spot!

We will consult you on options and different vendors that with our experience know that will 100% be there for you as much as we at Santorini Venue are.

There are a lot of small details that make a Santorini Wedding & Santorini Proposal special.

First, We have to look at Flowers, Candles, Arches, Decorations & Most importantly, The Food!

Let us know about all your ideas and hopes and we will help you achieve them to the fullest here at Santorini Venue.

À La Carte

Sometimes catering your food may cost more than expected and that’s fine!

We can provide you with À La Carte menus here at Santorini Venue, Which is ideal for small groups of guests and couples.

The Santorini Venue can provides Drink Packages & Food Packages so you can pre-order your celebration dinner!

The staff of Santorini Wedding Venue will be there to ensure your special day is always going smoothly.

Enjoy a special and unique custom made evening of Greek Cuisine while admiring the famous sunset of Santorini. Aion strives for perfection because that’s what you deserve! Let us take care of your dinning requirements. We’ll introduce you to the gastronomy if the aegean and local products produced with love just for you!

The Dinner Packages are carefully put together by Chef Iosif, Owner of Lomvranos Restaurant for every type of meal preference! Lomvranos Restaurant Santorini has been part of Santorini’s history for many years. Providing the traditional Greek tastes we all love and a hospitality like no other!

Thus, We are proud to partner and together offer you a local experience that will forever be remembered. Our Goal is to bring happiness, joy and quality to our guests because that is the real Greek way.

We’ll be happy to find out all about your thoughts and dinning preferences! Looking forward to talking about your future special day with us here at Aion Santorini.

Santorini Wedding

One idea is all you need to make the perfect Santorini Wedding. A Concept was created and thus we made Santorini Venue, The best of all Santorini Wedding Venues for small groups and couples.

Every detail is important for your Santorini Wedding and here at Santorini Venue we pay attention to the smallest of details to ensure a quality result event by event.

The atmosphere of a Santorini Wedding  & Santorini Proposal Venue is our first priority! A lot of work was put into it and most importantly the feeling of Love & Passion in the air is worth every bit of it.

Specialists & Designers have added details to make sure Santorini Venue is all you will need for your Wedding here in Santorini.

We are here to make all your wishes come true! All you need to do is to send us an email and talk about your big day!

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