Santorini Venue, Fira, Santorini Greece
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What role we play at Santorini Wedding Venues

Over the last years the Santorini wedding venues have become very popular, This Santorini Wedding Venue does guarantee quality. We are Hard working passionate people making sure that your wedding day will be the one you have dreamed of! Let us take care of the important details surrounding your wedding day and enjoy the moment. Treat your significant other with a magical evening that you will always look back to and cherish for the rest of your lives!

Planning the perfect wedding & proposal in Santorini needs the right guidance. We will help you find the right people to be by your side! It’s important to make sure that you  won’t have to go through any work for any part of your santorini wedding. It is our pleasure and job to be by your side every moment you will need us. And this is what makes us the best choice for you out of all Santorini Wedding Venues.

Aion Santorini is the perfect place to host your proposal in Santorini and/or your small wedding. Firstly, Aion will provide a sense of relaxation & a romantic atmosphere. Secondly, We are by your side for anything you will need due to our experience in the field over the many years. And Lastly This is the place where you’d want the rest of your love life to begin!

St. Nicholas

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St. Nicholas Wedding Venue is the place which provides absolute privacy, In comparison to the wedding venues such as Aion and others on the Caldera side of the island with the Sunset and volcano views. This Venue allow for much more distraction free romantic moments and let’s you really enjoy each other! Furthermore the team consists of highly experienced professionals who will do the best for your comfort and satisfaction on your proposal and/or proposal night!

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